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FBS – Spacer

FBS – Spacer

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With the FBS spacers you can use single bearing wheels like Oak Wheels or Winkler Wheels on your Ytrucks.
Ytrucks are designed to be used with double bearing wheels, so they have a longer axle than e.g. Eg Truck Blackriver.

The problem:
Its single bearing wheels slip on the Ytrucks axle and therefore cannot roll perfectly.

The solution:
FBS spacer!
The spacers replace the second bearing and you can use your Oak wheels, Winkler wheels or other single bearing wheels on your Ytrucks.

FBS spacers are machined from stainless steel. To mount the spacers, simply place them on the axle of your Ytrucks and gently push them in with the wheel. The spacers are very precisely made to prevent any wobble, so you need to apply skillful pressure, which won't damage your wheels or trucks.

Content: 4 FBS spacers

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Includes very small parts, avoid handling by children under 5 years of age without adult supervision. Small parts may be swallowed by mistake. It is recommended that small children be under the supervision of an adult when playing with this product.


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